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Frequently Asked Questions

What does OLF stand for?

OLF is an ancronym for Open Language Foundation.

Are there any fees involved?

There is no membership or subscription fee to sign the Manifesto or contribute to the Open Language Foundation's mission.

Will my company be obligated to contribute any source code or contribute to any existing open source projects?

There is no obligation to contribute source code or any existing open source projects. All contributions to the Open Language Foundation community are voluntary and must follow open source guidelines.

Will my be obligated to license any relevant patent to other fellow members?

There is no obligation to license any relevant patents from other Open Language Foundation contributors.

Will the Open Language Foundation list my company as one of the Manifesto signees or use the my company logo on the Open Language Foundation website?

The Open Language Foundation may, with your company's permission, list your company's name as a signatory and supporter of the Manifesto, and/or display your company's logo according to your company's brand guidelines.

Will Open Language Foundation require my company to license certain company APIs under certain terms prescribed by the Open Language Foundation?

The Open Language Foundation will not prescribe licensing terms for or on behalf of your company to other Open Language Foundation contributors or your company's customers. Licensing is entirely at your company's discretion.

Will the Manifesto be the entire agreement my company signs and are there any other Working Group terms or any statements of work or specifications that my company needs to sign?

The Open Language Foundation Manifesto is a non-binding agreement of your company to follow the principles outlined within the Manifesto, to the best of your company's abilities. This is the only document that shall be signed by your company. There will be no statements of work, terms and conditions, work assignments or specifications, that your company must sign. All contributions to the Open Language Foundation, of any sort, are optional and voluntary.